2019-20 Scholarship Renewal Request

Dear Scholarship Recipient,

This form establishes an agreement between the Rogue Community College Foundation and the scholarship recipient named here for consideration of funds available for the 2019-20 academic year (July 2019 - June 2020). Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, fees, and books associated with classes taken at Rogue Community College.

It is understood that if the scholarship recipient does not meet the conditions agreed to in this form or continue to meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, scholarship funds will be forfeited. All scholarships have a minimum requirement of maintaining a 2.50 GPA per term and complete at least 6 credits per term unless otherwise noted on the scholarship requirements

Should you have any questions, please contact the RCC Foundation at AManley@roguecc.edu or 541-956-7293.

The RCC Foundation agrees to:
--Inform the scholarship recipient of all conditions that affect the acceptance of the scholarship.
--Release the funds in a timely manner to the student's RCC account, approximately one week prior to each term if awarded the scholarship renewal.
--Inform each scholarship recipient of any changes which may affect the scholarship.

The Scholarship Recipient agrees to:
--Submit the following Scholarship Renewal Request in a timely manner. Once notified of any scholarship awards, you will submit your acceptance and thank you letter to the RCC Foundation.  More details will be enclosed in your award notification.
--Inform the RCC Foundation of any changes in academic or financial aid status or if you plan to not be enrolled at RCC.

IMPORTANT: This form must be submitted no later than March 18, 2019 to be considered for your scholarship funds in 2019-20. No exceptions. Notification will be given no later than the end of April, 2019. Awards and are subject to fund availability.


Anna Manley
Rogue Community College Foundation


Personal Information
Authorization to Share
If I am awarded a scholarship, I hereby give Rogue Community College Foundation to publish any scholarship award I receive, listing my name, hometown, name and amount of the scholarship, and biographical summary. I authorize Rogue Community College Foundation to share copies of my thank you responses, application essays, college major and degree with donors. Further, unless a written statement to the contrary is filed with the Foundation Office, all scholarship recipients give authorization to Rogue Community College to publish photographs of themselves for promotional purposes.
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