Conflict of Interest Policy for Reviewers

The purpose of the conflict of interest policy is to clarify and identify when scholarship reviewers should recuse themselves from scoring a particular application and protect the integrity of the Rogue Community College Foundation’s (RCCF) scholarship awarding process.

The scholarship scoring process is a very important function of the RCC Foundation. We are always pleased to have so many caring and thoughtful volunteers participate in the scoring of scholarship applications. This is an important task as students are awarded scholarships based on the scores you give to their applications.

The following definitions are provided to help you decide whether a relationship exists and if you as reviewer should not score an application:

  • Professional Relationship: You have a direct business relationship with the applicant or one of the persons providing a reference or an immediate family member of the applicant. i.e. you are an employer, employed by, in business with etc. This would also include instructor/student or adviser/counselor relationships.
  • Family Member: The applicant or one of the persons providing the reference is related to you (e.g. grandchildren, siblings, children, niece/nephew or any other relative if they reside in the same household as the reader).
  • Friend: The applicant or one of the persons providing the reference is a friend or close associate.

Additionally, RCC Foundation honors and supports the diversity of students at RCC based on age, gender, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation and family structure. As such we ask reviewers to also maintain impartiality to the diversity of our applicants.

In the event you encounter an application that meets one of the above definitions or another that you feel you cannot be objective about for any reason you must not score that application. When this occurs, notify the RCCF by email at and include the student's name and email on the application and we will reassign it to another Reviewer.

Please read and consider the following statements carefully. In order to read RCC Foundation Scholarship applications you must first agree to all the statements below.

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