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Robert DevenyBob Deveny came to Rogue Community College in the early 1980s, a pivotal time in local history. With the timber industry nearing collapse, Bob found himself without work and in need of a trade. So he enrolled in a class at RCC, hoping to gain new skills. That class became the launch pad for a successful law career.

“RCC changed my future completely,” said Bob, now retired and living in Portland. “The encouragement I got there made such a big difference in me going forward.”

Thanks to the support he received from his instructors and former dean Tenison Haley, Bob continued his coursework and earned an associate’s degree in business, followed by a bachelor’s degree at Southern Oregon University. He then went on to earn a law degree from Willamette University College of Law, where he met his wife Lori, also an attorney.

“For me, RCC was really the biggest step,” Bob said. “The subsequent steps just became easier after I made that step to go back to school at all. Without RCC, I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now.”

To show their gratitude, Bob and Lori established an endowment through the Rogue Community College Foundation in honor of Bob’s parents. The James and Rosa Deveny Memorial Scholarship awards veterans or sons and daughters of veterans, especially if the veteran was a prisoner of war.

“My parents were always very pro education, even though in my dad’s case he had no education,” Bob explained. His father dropped out of school in the eighth grade and served in World War II, spending time as a prisoner of war before eventually completing his education through military correspondence courses. “My parents were very supportive of my education and understood how important it was. So I wanted to give the scholarship in their name for that reason—because they valued education so much.”

Bob has since had the pleasure of meeting several of the scholarship recipients and has seen firsthand how these students benefit from his investment in RCC. “It’s always very rewarding to know that somebody is getting a little bit of help,” he said. “Because I’ve been there, and I remember that sometimes just a little bit of help is all you needed to keep moving forward.”

For more information on the James and Rosa Deveny Memorial Scholarship and other scholarships offered through the RCC Foundation, or to learn how you can establish an endowed fund to benefit our community, please contact the Foundation at 541-956-7327.


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